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Consto1For detailed JavaScript : I have an Online JavaScript courses in pdf file.

JavaScript pdf file >>>> JavaScriptCourse.pdf (0.8mb)

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JavaScript Links :

JavaScript is a more complex language than HTML, because of it's possibility's.
It's like HTML the most universal language for internet browsers.
With a programming language like JavaScript the possibility's are various.
One of the most common use is like the "mouse over function" for text or
like here for pictures that change when you move your mouse to it.
With JavaScript you can override HTML functions because it's a higher language.
For example when windows are opening without asking for it. Also it's possible
to make games and programs with JavaScript. It's very difficult to find real good
courses or books about JavaScript, because of it's Complexity, so be real careful.

nl2 Books I can recommend maybe also available in English, but these are in Dutch :

>>> JavaScript voor het dagelijks gebruik / m.Seeboerger-Weichselbaum <<<
Beginners book for JavaScript, but with a lot of grammatical errors and some
of the examples won't work, heheheh. But the basic idée is ok.
Homepage of >>> m.Seeboerger-Weichselbaum

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