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  • Links >>> Image Web Format
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  • How to make a WEB SITE
    At first you need an idea of course, and make a layout of it, in your mind or on paper.
    Visiting other sites will give you ideas and inspiration on what is possible and maybe what's not. Sometimes when you don't know how to make some functions you can right-click on the site for source code. Here are some links for the best of World Wide Web, a good place to get those inspirations.

    Links World Best Websites :

    It's also very important to visit some sites of your own site-subject, for links and of course design inspiration. But don't copy to much, be original. Gather material like links, pictures, animations, downloads and information. The best is to construct it all by yourself, if that is possible. But the most important things are what you want to tell and what unique vision is never shown. Make it your story and don't copy someone else.

    If you gather all your components, you need a program language like HTML, JavaScript or Flash to give it shape (Flash is a more graphic interface). When you think your site is ready, put it on the Internet and test all functions, like links, downloads, pictures, guest books and sub sites. Ask your (girl)friends for there opinions. If it's ready for a bigger audience, you need to "Submit" to some search engines.

    Image Web - Format
    Most data in a web page is not the program language itself, but the pictures and animations. If you want a fast, quick-loading page (some people will skip a slow site), you need special web formats for your pictures. Images must have small data & high quality as much as possible. For this purpose you can use three special Web Formats : Interlaced GIF, Progressive JPEG & PNG (8 & 24 bits). The latest commercial Graphic software supports those formats and they are still in progress. I Think Photoshop 7 has now the best Web-Format (save for web). The files are very small and the quality is still good.

    Image Web - Format Links :

    Interlaced GIF & Progressive JPEG is common standard now on the Web. PNG is new and a good quality format replacement for GIF (see my test) : The amount of data is much smaller, but it has the same quality. For photos it's better to choose JPEG, but for drawing pictures (logos, maps & graphics) GIF & PNG8 are better. PNG24 is no option because it's much to big for web use. It needs some experience before you choose the right format. This is PNG format

    How to work with Web-Format (work with the compare windows)
    JPEG (Progressive) : Don't choose under quality 5. Data will be small, but with bad quality. Use dither and a little blur for photo's. It gives a good result, try it out. GIF & PNG8 (Interlaced) : Use Transparency, it will reduce the data. Always use a large amount of colors if possible. Sometimes use a little blur & Transparency to the background color, experiment with those parameters.

    Example : Compare Test
    For this compare test I took a picture and saved it in different formats : PNG24 / 145 Kb. PNG8 / 53 Kb. GIF / 62 Kb. JPEG / 38 Kb. Conclusion : JPEG is the smallest, but with too much quality loss. PNG24 is much to big for a graphic file. GIF & PNG8 (256 colors) are the best choice here. PNG8 is smaller, but not supported with older browsers. So choose GIF if you want to have the most certainty !

    Extra Site Tools :


    For Continuation Go to Meta Site

    nl2 Books I can recommend maybe also available in English, but these are in Dutch :

    >>> Bouwen van Websites voor Dummies / David & Rhonda Crowder <<<
    Beginners book for website Design, with lots of tips & tricks.
    It's very basic but a lot of usefull and structural information
    Look out for Building with HTML 5 For Dummies.

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