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Flash Site is no longer supported !

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Last update 29 Dec 2013

Unfortunately things didn't end well with Flash and Swish, personally I enjoyed working with it.
The links are no longer supported, but I still leave it as an abandoned icon.
Adobe has a replacement Animate, but unfortunately it does not have the same capabilities as Flash.
Adobe Animate >>>>> More Info


MNX2010 Flash based programs

Swish 2.0 & SwishMax

Swish is a Flash based program. But it's more simple and has not the possibilities that Flash has. But it's a good starter to begin with. With this program is simple to make link buttons, add music to your site & make flash animations. Other than with gif animations you can make big animations on high quality and small file. It's better to covert AVI to Flash animation because of is small size. SwishMax is more Flash based, an expansion of Swish.

Get Swish demo : Swish 2.0 SwishMax Swish Lite 1.52
Swish homesite : Swishzone Swish .swi Movies
PDF Tutorial >>>> SWiSH2Help.pdf (3.0mb) :
* Mediafire Download * * Google Drive Download *

Other Swish Sites: 
Demos Swish
Swish links

CoffeeCub FireStarter 6.5


CoffeeCup Firestarter is the fastest and easiest way to make Flash Effects for your Website. It quickly creates complex text and image effects with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can make Flash Intro pages, navigation systems, graphic logos, or whatever you want ! Firestarter has over 50 built in ready to use effects like Assemble, Explode, Fade, and more, a collection of cool MP3 Sounds, plus it's all in an easy to use interface. No more struggling with expensive, complex software, with CoffeeCup Firestarter you will making really cool Effects in a Flash !

Get FireStarter demo : Firestarter 7.2
FireStarter homesite : CoffeeCub
Examples : The Flash Club

MarcroMedia Flash MX 6.0 / Flash MX 7.0 2004


Macromedia Flash MX is the fastest way to create rich Internet content and applications with a better return on investment. Powerful video, multimedia and application development features allow the creation of rich user interfaces, online advertising, eLearning courses and enterprise application front-ends. Macromedia Flash is the key to designing and delivering low-bandwidth animations, presentations, and Web sites. It offers scripting capabilities and server-side connectivity for creating engaging applications, Web interfaces, and training courses.

Get Flash demo : Flash MX 6.0
Macromedia Flash download site : Flash MX 7.0 2004
Shockwave Flash MX : Flash Player 10
Shockwave player : Shockwave 11
Flash homesite : Adobe Flash
PDF Tutorial Using Flash 5.0 >>>> Using_Flash.pdf (4.1mb) :
* Mediafire Download * * Google Drive Download *
PDF Tutorial (E-Book) >>>> Macromedia_FlashMX.pdf (4.5mb) :
* Mediafire Download * * Google Drive Download *

Other Flash Sites :

Swift 3d



nl2 Books I can recommend maybe also available in English, but these are in Dutch :

>>> Basiscursus Flash MX / Peter Kassenaar <<<
Beginners book for Flash MX, It's simple but looks good.
I think a perfect book for beginners who want to go deeper.
Sometimes too technical and theoretical, but contains all subjects.
It is not so expensive € 16.-
Look for Academic Service more Internet cursus books
Homepage of >>> Peter Kassenaar full of flash MX links

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