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filter Gif animations are only suitable for small size animations, because of it's big data size. For big or full screen animations you can better use a flash format animation. The gif animations are easy to make, with special gif-animation programs or pluggins. Some Graphic programs have intergraded sub programs for design the
gif animations. Of course the most famous program was Ulead gif animation 5.0.
Video Studio Pro

Here some top links to find gif animations examples & info :

spir merge Click here for Info
One of the best GIF animators is Adobe ImageReady which comes free with Adobe PhotoShop CS6, and older editions, under the left menu in photoshop you can activate ImageReady, wow !
Here a ImageReady Turoial pdf file :

Click here for downloading >>>> Adobe ImageReady pdf file (0.17mb)
* Mediafire Download * * Google Drive Download *

Here some top links to make your own gif animations : (download Trials)



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