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  MNX HTML page is for info & links in relation to programming HTML.

Consto1For detailed HTML: I have some Online courses in HTML pdf file, how to work with tags etc.

  Download file >>>> HTMLCourse.pdf (1.1mb)   * Mediafire Download * * Google Drive Download *

Links HTML / Web Designers :

Here I want to create a platform for people who al ready work with HTML,
and help them find his way on the web. It helps to join a courses HTML,
like I did or read books about it. Most of the HTML books are ok,
but because there often very expensive, you can better ask it to people
who all ready working with HTML books.

nl2 Books I can recommend maybe also available in English, but these is in Dutch :

>>> 10 Minuten gids : HTML 4 / Tim Evans <<<
A good guide for modern HTML programming, but not complete,
it missed some detailed information about new HTML feathers.

For more book links >>> Kassenaar

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