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Facebook Support Group for Akai S-Series Samplers

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MNX 2010 / AKAI S2000 SITE

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AKAI S2000
SonicState Home Site

AKAI S2000 Site Links


AKAI S2000 USB s2000_scsicf

S2000 Modified : USB Floppy Emulator & SCSI2SD

USB Floppy Emulator - more information > Youtube >>> USB Floppy Emulator

The Gotek Floppy Emulator is usually used for the USB Floppy Emulator,
for more information Using-a-gotek-with-akai-S1000

The best to use : HxC Floppy Emulator USB 3.5" Drive (not all samplers are supported)

Gotek Drivers : Ready to use file images > HxC2001 >>> S-Series Image Drivers

For more Info and Help > Facebook >>> Group HxC Floppy Emulators

You also need a disk images to start up the S2000 : Two HFE disk images. DSKA0000 is the
S2000 2.00 OS Boot Floppy with the S2KDIE sample.
S2000 2.0 OS BootFloppy >>> * Mediafire Download * * Google Drive Download *

Two disk images (OS 2.00 and one blank floppy)
prenamed S2000 blank disks >>> * Mediafire Download * * Google Drive Download *

For intern replacement harddisk > Youtube >>> SD Card SCSI Drive Review (SCSI2SD)
SCSI2SD - more information > Youtube >>> Rebirth Of The Akai S3000xl (SCSI2SD)

For more Info and Help > Facebook >>> Group S-Series Samplers


SCSI2SD favorites : ZuluSCSI & BlueSCSI

ZuluSCSI on Akai - more information > Youtube >>> Akai S3000XL and Translator

ZuluSCSI RP2040 is used as a internal replacement for the SCSI harddisk.

For internal SD you need the 3.5 inch FD Bay Housing,
so that you can change disks on the outside of the sampler.

At Amiga Kit they sell 2 types ZuluSCSI, a Compact Version and a Full Version.
They are cheaper, but some say the service could be better.

BlueSCSI V2 Making & Using - more information > Youtube >>> Retronaut

BlueSCSI is perhaps even more interesting, it is open source & open hardware.
Version 1.1a is simpler and the 2.0 Version has more functions and both are offered as a DIY kit.
The smallest parts have already been placed, it's a lot cheaper but for the advanced user.

Kit Assembly > BlueSCSI >>> Instructions        Info and Docs > BlueSCSI >>> Manuals

ZuluSCSI_Rev2023mnx BlueSCSI_V2mnx


ZuluSCSImini BlueSCSImini

External Mini Versions : ZuluSCSI & BlueSCSI

The advantages of an external upgrade is that everything on the outside of
the sampler can remain the same. So you can still use flopydisks and use
the internal harddisk, which is useful for transferring data.

ZuluSCSI RP2040 Mini (about 100 euro)
The ZuluSCSI is an SD card reader that simulates up to 7 SCSI drives & CDs. The biggest
advantage is the easy management of the drives. You simply copy a CD or hard drive image
onto the SD card and you can quickly and easily integrate any image for your sampler.
ZuluSCSI Mini is the external version that is simply plugged into the SCSI port.

Order ZuluSCSI : Studio-Services.de. Also ZuluSCSI RP2040 (firmware beta version)
support for USB Mass Storage - access SD card contents via USB. ZuluSCSI-firmware

BlueSCSI v2 DB25 Mini (about 50 euro)
BlueSCSI is a lot cheaper, about half that, but is harder to get. The fully assembled version
comes fully tested and ready to use. Just provide a microSD card. In the kit version,
the SMD parts come already soldered. All you have left to solder are the header pins
and the SCSI connector. These are through-hole parts, you need some soldering practice.

They still have them here, or you have to google. Order BlueSCSI DB25 : OneGeekArmy.eu


Links AKAI Samplers :


AKAI - S2000 Specifications
Name : S 2000
Factory : AKAI Professional
Type : Polyphone Sampler (32 voices)
Sound System & Rate : 16 Bits linear / 44.1 kHz & 22.05 kHz
Memory : 2 MB (standard) / 32 MB RAM + 16 MB ROM (Maximum)
Samples & Programs : Maximum Samples : 255 & Programs : 254
Filters : Digital moving low-pass filter (-12 dB/octave with resonance)
Envelope & LFOs : 2 Envelope Generators(1 multi-stage) & 2 LFOs
Display : Back-lit 16 x 2 characters (128 x 16 dots)
Storage : 3.5-inch 2HD/2DD floppy disk
Standard Inputs : 1/4-inch phone jack (balanced) x 2
Standard Outputs : 1/4-inch phone jack (unbalanced) x 2 / 1/4-inch stereo phone jack x 1 / Footswitch : 1/4-inch phone jack x 1 / SCSI interface 25 pins.
MIDI : DIN-5P IN x 1, OUT x 1, THRU x 1
Dimensions (mm) : 483mm x 88.1mm x 429mm (W x H x D) (EIA 2U size)
Weight : 7.7 kg
Power Requirements : 120VAC 60Hz 42W / 220-240VAC 50Hz 42W
Extraas : Standard MIDI File player / Assignable Program Modulation (APM) for flexible sound control / Powerful DSP features including Timestretch / Resonant Filters / Multitimbral / Compatibility S1000 & S3000 Series
Expansion : EB-16 Multi Effects processor (optional) / IB-208P 1/4-inch phone jack (unbalanced) x 8 Outputs & Digital Input - Output (optional) / FMX008 Flash Memory (optional) / IB-304F 2nd LSI Filter (optional)
Midi Implementation : 1..16 midi channel / 1..127 Notenum / After Touch / Pitch Bender / Control Change : Modulation (1), EWI Breath Controller (2), Foot Switch Controller (4), Volume (7), Hold 1 (64), Soft Pedal (67) / Prog Change 1..127 / System Exclusive / Aux Messages : All Notes OFF

Akai Z8 Sampler Site
z8pic44 (Nederlands) I sold my Akai S2000 and bougth myself an Akai Z8 (24bit) with USB.
In my opinion one of the best samplers Akai ever made, with the same sampling
hardware as the MPC4000. This S2000 site was created more than 20 years ago,
the Z8 site is a bit more recent. Go for a view to this link :
MNX2010 Akai Z8 Site

Wat is Acrobat? (Nederlands) Download Link Adobe Acrobat What is Acrobat?(English)

Download S2000 Expansions & Specs :

szone Click here for Info


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