AKAI S2000 Expansions

Expansion Boards for S2000 :
FMX008 - 8 Mbyte flash memory board
IB208P - 8 parallel Analog output and Digital I/O board
IB304F - 2nd LSI filter board
EB16 - Multi Effects processor board
2 x 16Mb Pc SIMMs - Use SIMMs at a speed of 70nS (nanosec.)

fmx008 IB208P - The expansion boards for the S2000 are way too expensive in my opinion. I think it's better to buy a S3000, S3200 or even more expensive 16 bits Akai sampler than to buy all expansion boards for the S2000. ib208p That is because the more expensive S-series have a lot of these expansions already built in and often have more possibilities to expand to a higher level like hard disk recording. I own a S2000 and I only bought the 8 analog output & digital in/out expansion for it. In that time I had 2 CD players with digital coaxial output (Philips & Marantz). Because of this I had the possibility to sample digital to digital without any loss of sample quality.(Try my dig to dig samples) But if you have a big mixer table, the 8 separate outputs expansion board might come in very handy as well.

2 x 16Mb Pc SIMMs
I used 2 second-hand 16 MB PC SIMMS with an access speed of 70 nanoseconds as memory expansion, and it works fine. It's also much cheaper than the conventional Akai memory expansion.

ib304f eb16 IB304F The +12 db second filter
Mike Goins is happy with his second filter, and wrote : "I found mine cheap 2nd hand for about $120 and it has been well worth it. Here's an audio snippet of a loop running in the S2000 in which I manipulated the 2nd LSI parameters >>>> Download Example.
The first half is going through the filters, Hi-Pass, Band-Pass and Low-Pass and the 2nd half is manipulating the EQ tone controls of the board. For more info mail >>>> Mike Goins & Site >>>> www.midicase.com

EB16 - expansion boards where I am curious about is still the digital effects expansion board. If you own such expansion, I would like to now your experiences with it. Mail me about it, and if I like your story, I will add it to this review...mnx