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- What is an Adobe Acrobat file?
An Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) is a text & Picture Viewer. In the most cases the text file where made in other programs, for example in WORD(Microsoft Office) or simple in NotePad. The program is more specialised in presentation, to view the documents and with printer option.

- How Acrobat works
Acrobat are exaualy two programs, one to make (.PDF) files and a "viewer" program, this one can not save! The first one cost money the second is freeware. With this free player it is only posible to view the files and most of the times posible to print theme out or store theme.

- How do you make Acrobat (.PDF) files?
Making (.PDF) files in Acrobat (de Commercial version) :
- Converting from a WORD (.DOC) document to (.PDF) >>> Use Acrobat Distiller. A small program with output a printerfile to covert Acrobat file. - To convert (.HTM(L)) pagina's to (.PDF) >>> In Acrobat there is a posebility (.HTM(L)) to load (as Acrobat). In most cases you have to adapt the file for printing : For example with white background and black text, saves ink. - Also there are a lot of simple (.DOC) to (.PDF) converters avaleble, even freeware versions, the most cost money.

- Why Acrobat?
Acrobat has a posibility to protect tekst from changing of the text and documents. Also because of this reason, every where used in the world, these Acrobat files : There often used as manuals for programma's, or with websites for more permanent information, or wrighten documents or scaned with OCR. The Neweste version of the program Adobe Acrobat viewer is here to download for free.

- Acrobat on the Web
Why Click with your right Mouse (save as..) and not download normaly? The reason here are searchengines, who can read (.PDF) files almost like websites and also with input of "keywords" of "searchwords" also read the (.PDF) files. With the file "ziped" that's no longer posible. So Click with the left mouse button and the file loads automatic in to Acobat viewer. Saven / Store is not posible, but in the C:\WINDOWS\Temp or something like that you will find the file. With a download Accerator it's posible to download the file super fast with the right mouse button function : download with ....

With GOOGLE you find (.PDF) files on the Web click on "Advanced". Chose for (.PDF) file.


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