MNX Site promoted in an Atari Magazine
MAY 2002
My Atari Site been promoted in an Atari Magazine in Holland, ST-Leiden. In Number 91 / March 2002, page 12 under headline Atari site. It said : It's an Atari Site specialist in my hobby, Music & Atari. Have a look at my Atari Site and if you find some ideas or suggestions.

My account will be deleted!
JUNE 2002
On 01 June mailmij changes from a free e-mail service to a subscription payment service. Because I have other free emails, I will stop the mnx@mailmij account ! All email (links) on my site will be changed, for contact click on mail link.

DJ MAN-X site
I finished the DJ MAN-X site and have a look; it contents a party agenda and many links. Also the Download Site is redesigned, look for the demos & download of my band (on After
My & account will be deleted!
On 15 August Hetnet changes from a free e-mail service to a subscription payment service. Because I have other free emails, I will stop the & account ! All email (links) on my site will be changed, for contact click on mail link.

My new Atari site
I almost finished my new Atari site, have a look, it contents new Sites about : SCSI / MUSIC / HARWARE / HELPDESK. Soon I will finish the last translation in English. THE WHOLE SITE IS IN ENGLISH & DUTCH !!!
MNXWebbuilders Site
The entrance of my HTML site is changed, with a different design. I also added a new page to my site with information about META's and to submit to search engines.
Now it has a more professional look, and ready to submit .... Do you like it ?

My myweb account will be deleted!
On 03 October My Web stops it's account and becomes Wanadoo. But all mail and my site URL will be sending to my new address, until somewhere begin January 2003. Because I'll still have free accounts, they can do what they want. All email (links) on my site will be changed, for contact click on mail link.

MNX PC Software Site (scroll down)
MNX PC SITE is total changed, with a different layout. I also added separate pages to my PC Software Site. The separate Parts are : Internet, Graphic, Music, Utility's & Games.
With a brand new logo and many graphics, it looks professional.

MNX Cubase VST Site (see Audio site)
New Layout, with Cubase education links. Add two new sites : Steinberg Site & PropellerHead Site. The Steinberg Site has Cubase Links and PDF Cubase manual Downloads. The PropellerHead Site has very hot Links and some other extra's.

I have been busy with updateting the Atari, HTML & PC Site. The PC Site, I add more links and the HTML Site I add a new article about Web Images Format and new Buttons, with mouse-over in JavaScript, do you like theme? The Atari Site was the most work, the new Music site, is corrected and add new MIDI Editor Links.

MNX Audio VST Site
From July 2003 I worked full on a new PC-Audio site, with hot tips & links about audio hard & software. It been delayed by the many redesigns and updates to other sites. It contents a lot of pc audio information and a total new design. I worked a year on it and now it's finished, but will add more info and links about MIDI, USB and Firewire.

After a whole year updating all my sites, I finished a fresh new site. It was 6 month work for this TAI-CHI site, who I made for my Teacher. Takes me 3 photo sessions and an interview and many articles, to made this. But the real work where the pictures. There where none on Internet so I hade to made theme from poor quality pictures from books. Go and see the results ....
(Link Scroll main site down)

DJ ShamanX Site
New Home site DJ Sha-Man-X, with my own domain name : Psybient DJ, a new music style : crossover of Psychedelic and ambient styles. With party photo's - mp3 downloads - links - network - info (Link Scroll main site down)
Portal with domain name : links to mnx2010 sites, ebooks downloads, mnx2010 graphic design & art

Akai z8 Site
April 2013
The only Akai Z4/Z8 sampler site in the world ! I bought a new sampler the Z8 a amazing machine. I bought it secondhand. A lot of the hardware was broke, witch I had to repair. With this knowledge I made this new site, one of my bests.
December 2013
This site was a very old site and staded with geocity’s, but now reconstruct. At first I moved it to the audio software page, but this style of site is completely different. So I had to restored this old site, the old index and files where missing. I also restored the links and add some new ones.
January 2014
In November I find out that "" was shut down, all downloads links where dead. I started my site building on, what later on become But now all download links are restored and my choice for file storage : Mediafire & Google drive (click on logo for Google drive info).
January 2015
I deleted my Mogito teller & guestbook account, it was terrorising my site with popups and other disturbing advertising. The big problem here was I had Mogito for more than 10 years and if I want to started a new teller all tellers of my sites will be on zero, and all my teller data will be lost. But in 2014 the Mogito site crashed, they say because of internet hackers, and all my teller data is lost. So a good opportunity to find my self a good teller and also a new guestbook, with no popups and advertising and it looks pretty good and works great !

Energetic Vortex
December 2016
Psychedelic Acid Techno made with Rebirth. The site cost me a year to make and for my taste very experimental, have a look !

Stop boom kap
October 2019
Action site, They are cutting our trees ! It is time to come in action before it's too late !

Removing all Flash files
January 2021
Because it is no longer supported. Browsers stopped now official the plugin for Flash.
I loved Flash but it is not save. I will convert my Flash creations, to AVI to upload for YouTube.

Acid Techno Site
March 2021
New ! Acid Techno Site ! Network for social media sites & music sites without the Acid genre. For SoundCloud and YouTube it is difficult to find Acid Techno or good Acid at all. Also on the www there is not many Acid related sites. Have a peek !

Bosbranden site Biomassa site
September 2023
Two new action sites, about massive logging and Biomass and the new threat for our forests:
Forest Fires with SSL connection - Test Page
March 2024
Now with SSL connection and that applies to all 15 - sites.
First Google threw all big images off my sites, that service stopped spontaneously without notice.
More people on the internet were concerned and Google even said the service would return,
but I no longer believe in it. My provider just offered me 200MB extra, so I put it on there.
But in that chaos I came across the option to request SSL. It's more work than you think,
I still have to get into Google webmaster, that's made it nice and accessible, not !