Heart Chakra Stimuly

To open the heart charka we need some kind of ritual. With prana power breath and visualization we are able to open our heart chakra. We need the ritual to uplift our selves from the third dimension to the fourth, and it helps to make it solid. Also it's more powerful to do this in a group of people, because of the transforming qualities of collective energy. Meditation can also stimulate the heart chakra, in combination with visualizations, to focus on the heart chakra en to center it's energy. Sometimes we need a little uplift to make this move, to enter the fourth dimension is an exciting time, where we discover and learn much new things and realms of experience.

One of the most powerful forces in the universe is love. Love is pure energy and it is. You can't analyze it, or understand it, it is the pure energy of compassion. How one's compassion is developed is also depending on the evolvement of one's heart chakra. Wisdom and knowledge of life are solid ingredients for a good developed heart chakra. The way in which we treat others and are related to our own selves is deeply connected with the way we handle our relationships. Don't treat others in a way you don't like to be treated yourself. In a love relation with another person, we open up in our heart chakra, this is good for the development of ourselves and the way in which we relate to other close relatives, friends and loved ones.

Music is the universal language of the heart, it can tell stories and exchange feelings, it can transform the soul. It can open the heart chakra and open it up for inspiration and fantasy. Music has more and a deeper influence than most of us will recognize in our lives. Like art performance, music is like the mirror of the soul, we need it to make our selves conscious. The following music styles can help to open the heart chakra : Reggae - Psy-Bient (danceable) - New-age - Ethnic Lounge - Classics like Mozart. Heart chakra music keywords : beautiful - lovely - harmonious - uplifting - giving a feeling of well being and stimulates our inspiration, love and friendship.

Nature brings us back to our real selves. The natural form of our consciousness is the basis, where we build our personality. Most people are alienated from nature, they only think it gives us pure oxygen and is nice and relaxing to look at. But they forget to attune with its lifeforce and the feeling of inner comfort it can give to be surrounded by nature. To make real contact with this natural force, you have to be alone, real alone with no people around, because they will disturb the connection with the natural consciousnesses. In meditation you can open your self up for nature, and try to communicate with nature. Go to a tree and feel its lifeforce, if you find a beautiful spot in the forest, try to feel the energy of a special spot, try to make a dialogue. It's also good for nature, trees got much older when they make often contact with people.

The last stimuli in my list are drugs, they're the only one who can do real harm, especially the chemical drugs. LSD and XTC have a special effect on the heart chakra. LSD on the experience of being and the trip you can make in your self, XTC, the love-maker, opens up for the universal power of love, it softens your perception. But because these are very harmful drugs, I don't recommend using these drugs. Better are the natural drugs, they are less harmful and you can use them more often. The Cannabis products, are good for the mind and open up for natural thinking. The strongest of Cannabis products is the isolator. It's purely made of weed-crystals and it difficult to make. First you need a lot of weed leaves, the rests of tops when you cut them clean. Now you need a new washing- machine, for example a small one and put the weed with a lot of ice in the washing- machine for a very cold wash. There you need special sieve to isolate the crystals of the weed. For more information See Links. Because this product is so strong it will open your heart chakra immediately, sometimes this feels like a shock and causes heart-bums, also because of the lot of adrenaline that enters the blood stream. After this sometimes a too stoned feeling start the trip, in nature you will experience the real meaning of a trip. This is a very strong drug and must be used very carefully, first use small bits so your body accepts the isolator better. Psilocybin is also a very strong drug, of course depending on the quality of the mushrooms, but for example Mexicans or even large amount of English mushrooms can give a very strong tripping experience. It's better to trip with people who already have experience, they can lead you through the sometimes unpleasant levels of the trip / experience. In these unpleasant levels it is important to focus on good breath hailing, it will lower the adrenaline levels in your blood. Also drinking of a little water will help, later on you learn to surrender to the process of a trip. There are also more strong or poison like kinds of drugs, like peyote, mescaline, poison ness mushrooms, DMT, ayuaska, yopo or other "shamanic" drugs. It brings you in contact with "the other world", the world of energy and consciousness. Sometimes we can taste a moment of a enlightenment although we are not really ready for this. After the experience / trip we fall down to our "normal" daily consciousness, sometimes with a feeling longing to the places we where.

If you open your heart chakra, you will experience a new world, the world of being. You will experience unity, sometimes you can feel the universal power of life and love, the living force of nature and also the abillity to look into the hearts of people. Here we have the power to transform ourselves into real crystallized human-beings instead of a random mix of intelligence and animal behavior. Here we integrate heavenly and earthly energy to a supreme power, the concept of experience, here and now.

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